The Rock Of Chicago...

One of America's most dominant and influential radio stations is WLS Chicago. Because of its amazing signal at 890 AM, especially at night, the station could be heard throughout the midwest and across the country. Ever since it began in 1924, generations of listeners have enjoyed the music, voices and jingles heard on WLS.

This audio feature is a brief history of the station, the jingles and the stories behind them. It includes an interview with John Gehron, who was the program director of WLS during much of its Musicradio era. The presentation was written and hosted by Jon Wolfert and was recorded on May 2, 2021 (the 61st anniversary of the station adopting a top-40 format) from Jon's weekly show heard Sundays 3-6PM Eastern on Rewound Radio. These files have been edited to feature only the segments about WLS. Most of the music has been shortened or removed. Please feel free to listen or download. Enjoy!

WLS Part 1  (1924-1974)
Early history, Kerr, PAMS
WLS Part 2  (1974-1989)
John Gehron interview
WLS Part 3  (1978-1986)
The JAM era

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