JAM Headquarters

JAM headquarters in Dallas. The offices are in the foreground; the studios are inside the taller sections in the background.

JAM Headquarters

Here's the back of the JAM building, featuring a wooden deck outside the lounge. (If you come on the right day, we might be having a cookout for lunch.)

Control Room A console

The heart of JAM Control Room A is our Euphonix System 5 digital console.

Control Room A

From Control Room A, looking into Studio A.

Studio A

JAM Studio A, looking back toward the control room. We use this studio to record most of the music tracks for new custom packages.

Control Room B

JAM Control Room B, with our MCI JH-636 console.

Studio B

JAM Studio B, looking towards control room. This is where most of our vocals are recorded.

Reference copies

The JAM archives contain copies of every project we've ever recorded. Material from the 70s and 80s exists on thousands of reel-to-reel tapes, a small portion of which can be seen here. We began archiving on DATs (digital audio tapes) in the early 90s. Since 2005, projects have been stored on CDs or DVDs.

You can get a much more comprehensive look at JAM past and present in our Photo Album section.