The Art of Station Identification

Jingles: those "short little songs" that tell you the name of the radio station you're listening to. Producing an effective jingle package is a unique skill which requires the best talent, an experienced creative team, and the right facilities. JAM specializes in creating award-winning jingle and image packages for every type of programming format. Our work is heard around the world in a wide range of languages. No matter where you live, if you listen to the radio you've probably heard the sound of JAM!

We work with radio stations, networks, syndicated shows, internet stations and individuals. Whether your needs are large or small, we can help you find an existing package or design something custom to fit your needs. In many situations our jingles are available on a cash or barter basis (the barter option applies to US commercial broadcast stations only). Please contact us for more details.

Our website contains a wealth of information concerning how jingles are made and used. We also invite you to learn more about JAM, and our long-standing commitment to producing material of the highest musical and creative quality. We know that promotion budgets are difficult to get these days, but there is no reason why you should sacrifice the calibre of your musical branding. At JAM you will always get the best, because we care what it sounds like. Thanks for visiting!

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