A Few Definitions

Musicians and singers We refer to an individual jingle as a "cut". A station usually uses a collection of related cuts, which is called a "package". Each cut in a package may have a unique purpose. For example, one may used at the top of the hour, one makes the transition between a fast and slow song, another introduces the weather, etc. A package typically contains 10 to 30 different cuts. The cuts are usually tied together by a common musical theme, which is called the "logo".

Custom Packages

Every jingle package begins its life as a "custom". That simply means that the music tracks and vocals are created from scratch to suit a specific client's specifications. After getting as much input as possible from a custom client, we write the lyrics, compose and arrange the music, record the musicians and singers in our studios, and produce the entire package. You can get a feel of what that process is like by viewing this short video:

Syndicated Packages

The custom jingles we create are then made available to stations in other markets as a "syndicated" package. To begin that process, we give the package a name, and produce an audio presentation (the "demo") to demonstrate the sound of the new jingles. The demo also explains how the cuts are intended to be used on the air. Many JAM demos can be heard right here by visiting the demo download page. Most of our demo presentations are also available on CDs, which are sent out to current or prospective clients at no charge. We also offer the CDs to collectors and media buffs for a small charge through The JAM Store.

When you hear the demo of a syndicated package which you think will work for your station, your JAM sales representative will assist you in selecting cuts and adapting the lyrics and logo to your needs. Then we'll bring in the singers and completely re-record the vocals over the existing music tracks.

Which Is Best?

The advantage of a custom package is that every cut will be written to your exact specifications. However, keep in mind that custom packages are generally more expensive and take longer to produce.

If you use a syndicated package, you aren't sacrificing creativity; rather, you are reaping the benefits of creative work we've already done. JAM has over 300 different syndicated packages to choose from. That's a library of literally thousands of individual cuts, in every imaginable style.