Music with Vision

JAM knows how to brighten any picture with sound. We produce totally customized music for television stations and video producers. At JAM, we're not limited to one sound or style. Our music ranges from fully orchestrated (utilizing real, live musicians) to contemporary synthesizer rhythm tracks. We can make an instrumental underscore, or a foreground image song with vocals. Whatever your need is, whether it's music for a specific promo, or a complete thematic image and news package, JAM is your #1 choice for quality and creativity. Please contact us for more information.

See what your station could sound like

We've assembled a brief audio montage of TV music we've done in a variety of styles:

Now, take a look at some of the very successful promos created for CTV, using image songs from the JAM "Yours Truly" package.

CKCK-TV 50th Anniversary :60

CKCK-TV City Promo :60

CFQC-TV 50th Anniversary :30

CFQC-TV City Promo :30