Let us sing a jingle for you!

Most JAM jingles are produced for radio and television broadcast stations. But we know that there are internet stations, websites and individuals who enjoy having jingles for their own personal use. If you want jingles for non-broadcast, non-commercial purposes, the JAM Personal Cuts service is for you.

Please review all of the information and frequently asked questions on this page:

What can you do with Personal Cuts?
What do they sound like?
What's the deal?
What does it cost?
What do you get?

Then contact us by e-mail and let us know what you'd like to get and a brief explanation of how you intend to use it. We'll respond with complete information. There is no obligation.


What can you do with Personal Cuts?

Because of market exclusivity arrangements with our broadcast clients, jingles ordered under the Personal Cuts program cannot be used on the air without prior permission and licensing.

To order material which is licensed for broadcast, please contact your JAM sales representative.

Personal Cuts are intended for uses like these:

  • Internet-only non-commercial radio stations
  • Podcasts
  • Non-profit websites
  • DJ shows at clubs, discos, or private events
  • Demo presentations for voice-over talent or production services
  • Music CDs or productions for yourself, family or friends
  • Holiday greeting messages
  • Jingle collector montages

What do they sound like?

JAM Personal Cuts are produced and recorded in the same sessions as our biggest broadcast clients. You'll get the same talent and perfection that all JAM jingles are famous for.

We've compiled a montage featuring just some of the Personal Cuts we've done recently for clients around the world. These are jingles we've produced for internet radio, websites, and individuals. Some clients select their cuts from brand new packages, and others prefer classic tracks we've created over the past four decades. Remember, there are thousands of JAM jingles you can choose from. This is just a small sample designed to show you the sound and quality, and to give you an idea of how others have made use of JAM Personal Cuts.


What's the deal?

  • Your initial inquiry must be via e-mail. No phone calls. We will respond as quickly as possible, but please remember that one reason these cuts are priced lower is that we work on them only when time is available. In some cases it may take a few days to receive a response. If you require immediate attention, please see the note at the bottom of this section.

  • You must be able to clearly identify the jingles you want. You don't necessarily need to know the exact package names or cut numbers (although that would be helpful), but you must be able to describe the material to us. There are literally thousands of jingles in the JAM library, many of which you can listen to on the demo download page. You can also order JAM demo CDs from The JAM Store. We will do our best to help you identify the jingles you have in mind. If you have some type of recording of the jingles in question (regardless of the quality of the recording), we may ask you to e-mail the audio to us as an mp3 file attachment or as a link. Remember, some cuts or vocalists may no longer be available.

  • The vocals must be in English.

  • All orders must be pre-paid. We accept checks or credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover). Do not send any money until we respond to your inquiry with a final price quote and payment instructions.

  • We will produce your order as quickly as possible, but there are no guaranteed delivery dates. Allow up to 6 weeks for delivery, although it usually doesn't take nearly that long. However, be aware that during certain peak times of the year, and near the holidays, production may take longer.

  • There is no guarantee of exclusivity. In other words, any number of other individuals or radio stations may be using a version of the same cut(s) you are ordering.

  • This offer is intended for individuals, not commercial broadcast stations. We reserve the right to refuse a Personal Cuts order if we feel this program is being used improperly.
Need it faster? Want to air it?

If you're a broadcast station or commercial user, or you want the immediate attention of a JAM sales rep, we will be happy to work with you at our normal rates. Please contact your JAM sales representative who will make sure that your project gets priority treatment and personal assistance.


What does it cost?

Quantity discounts are only available if all cuts are ordered at the same time. Rates effective 1/1/2020:

Cuts ordered Base Price *
1 cut $365.
2 cuts $340. per cut
3 to 5 cuts $320. per cut
6 cuts or more $310. per cut

* The prices shown here apply to most syndicated IDs with a length of :15 (15 seconds) or less. Rates for longer cuts will be quoted on request. There will be an extra charge if a cut requires a solo vocalist (typically $70), a special effect such as Sonovox (usually $65), if there are vocals at both ends of a long weather or promo bed (usually $75), or if you request additional vocals or production that was not on the original demo version of the jingle. We will always confirm the final price with you before any work is done or charges are made. Please do not place your order before you have received a final price quote and payment information from us.

The following services are also available, however there are no quantity discounts for these items. Prices shown are per jingle, for cuts with an average length of :07 (7 seconds) or less. Rates for longer cuts will be quoted on request.

Acappellas (vocal group only, no music track) $295. each
Group Shouts or Chants
(what's the difference?)
$75. each
Minimum order 2
(unless part of a larger order)

Prices are quoted in US Dollars, and include delivery of the WAV audio files via password-protected FTP download from our client server.


What do you get?

Your completed production will be mastered in stereo. Usually you'll receive the full jingle, plus several alternate mixes (i.e. variations we can make simply by turning elements on or off in the mix, without the need for additional singing or recording). The exact number of alternate mixes will vary depending on the cut chosen, and how much lyric content there is to work with.

As an example, let's suppose that you ordered a jingle that sings "It's the Oldies Show, with your favorite DJ, R.F. Burns". You might receive these variations:

  • The "full mix" (the jingle with the complete lyric, as ordered)
  • A "donut mix" (we'd turn off the vocals for the middle phrase "with your favorite DJ" and leave you a short bed you can talk over)
  • A "tag only mix" (we'd turn off all the vocals until the ending "R.F. Burns")
  • A "short edit" if applicable (some tracks can be editted so that the intro leads directly into the tag "R.F. Burns")
  • An "acappella" (just the vocal of "R.F. Burns" with no music track)

Not every jingle lends itself to all these mixes. Please note that we do not provide the complete music track with no vocal over it.


Your next step

To begin the process of ordering JAM Personal Cuts, please click here to contact us via e-mail with your inquiry. Let us know what jingles you're interested in, and how you intend to use them. There is no cost or obligation for requesting more information.

It is also possible to order personalized versions of the classic jingles produced by PAMS of Dallas during the 1950s, '60s and '70s. For full details, visit the Personal Cuts page located at the PAMS website.

Thanks for your interest!