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JAM Album (1979) $20.00
JAM Album (1979)

In May of 1979, JAM produced a vinyl LP demo album which was mailed to thousands of radio stations. The title of this release was "There Is Another Way...", however it is also known as "Tasty Stuff" or simply "The JAM Album". Side one of the disc contained a presentation of recent JAM projects, narrated by two legendary voice talents: Mason Adams and Dan Ingram. Side two featured condensed versions of several JAM demos.

The entire album has been transfered to CD from the original master tape. The artwork for the album cover, including the famous "JAM sandwich" seen when the album was opened, has been carefully reduced in size and used as the basis for the CD packaging. The only change is that our old address and phone number has been updated with current information. The actual audio has not been changed at all (and therefore includes our outdated contact info).

Side One of the album (stereo):

There Is Another Way... (our 20 minute presentation, featuring jingles in many styles)

Side Two of the album (mono):

Pro/Mod (WABC)
I'd Rather Be In Denver (KIMN)
Express Pack (WQXI, WPGC)
Make It Mellow (KMOX-FM)
Class Action (WLS)
Acappellas (Various)
Tri-Star (WAKY)

The CD version has been divided into 20 tracks, and includes all of the original audio exactly as it was presented on the LP. Total running time of the CD is 43:28.

Note to serious collectors: Because there was a limit to how much audio you could put on an LP in 1979, The JAM Album did not contain the complete versions of the demos listed. In most cases only the narrated presentation section was included, or not all of the cuts in the package were played. You can find the complete version for most of these packages on other JAM CDs, or on our website.

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