Hello JAM fans...

Today, JAM sends out demo presentations of new jingle packages on stereo CD's and posts them to our demo download page. Prior to 1989, however, demos were usually sent out to prospective clients on reel-to-reel tapes or on cassettes. Collectors are often interested in the special tape box labels which were used for JAM demos through the years. Here's the complete history:

On nine occasions we designed a custom box label to go along with a new package. Click on any of these labels to see a larger version, read more about the package, and hear a few sample cuts.

LogoSet label Pro/Mod label Future Flow label
The Best Show label Hitradio label The Best Show 2 label
Warp Factor label Fresh Kiss label Into The Music label

For other demo tapes, and finished production delivered to our clients, we have used two standard label designs through the years.

Original label

The JAM company colors of orange and blue were hard to miss on our original 5" tape box label, which was used from 1974 to 1987.

The standard label was used as the starting point for many other demo boxes. The name of each new jingle package was usually given its own design which was then overprinted on the basic JAM label, as seen in these examples:

Dance to the Music label Positron label Music Jam label

In 1987 JAM moved into our own brand new building. This change of address caused us to revise all of our printed material including the tape box labels.

This new standard design still featured our familiar orange and blue colors, but in a more subdued way.

Today's label

We continued the tradition of overprinting the package names on the basic JAM label, as in these examples:

Be Kool label Maximum Power label Skywave label

Today, our standard CD cover is an adaptation of this design.