We know you're out there...   :)

Jingles are just one small part of what makes up a radio station. But they can certainly be one of the fun parts. For each new project our challenge is always to create the right image, convey the right message, do it concisely, and make it memorable. When jingles are made well and used well, the effect can impact millions of listeners and become part of their lives.

We know that there are many people around the world who have an interest in what JAM does. As you might expect, some of them are radio professionals of the past or present. But many are not in the industry at all. Some are fans of radio, or particular stations, and jingles are part of their memories. Others like jingles on a musical level because they appreciate the intricate arrangements, the harmonies, the performances and the production. There are media historians who study the evolution of broadcast promotion. And, of course, there are many who simply enjoy the great hobby of collecting jingles. No matter which of these groups you may belong to, you are welcome here.

JAM creates new, contemporary jingles for our clients every day. But we are also dedicated to preserving the history of what we've already done. Throughout this site you will find information about our latest work. And you will also find audio, photos, videos and stories about great moments in radio's past that JAM has played an important part in through the years. In addition to all the other pages in this "Fans" section, we suggest that your visit include the Radio Jingles and About JAM sections. We know that many of you "out there" will agree that listening to great jingles can really be fun. We feel the same way "in here".