The most listened-to station in the nation...

For most of the 1960s and '70s, WABC New York was one of the most dominant and influential top-40 radio stations in the history of broadcasting. Many of the jingles used by WABC during its reign as a music station are legendary, and are permanently imprinted in the memories of millions of listeners.

This audio documentary is an in-depth history of those jingles and the stories behind them. It was written and produced by Jon Wolfert based on his first-hand knowledge as a WABC listener and fan, his experience working at PAMS and as president of JAM, and lots of supplemental research. The history was first presented over three weeks on Jon's weekly show heard Sundays 3-6PM Eastern on Rewound Radio, and is presented here in a consolidated form. Please feel free to listen or download. Enjoy!

WABC Part 1  (1921-1964)
WABC Part 2  (1964-1969)
WABC Part 3  (1970-1982)

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