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Jonathan Wolfert first became interested in the jingle business in the 60s when he was growing up in the New York City area. Being an avid radio listener, he began to wonder who made those "little songs" that announced the name of the radio station and sang its praises. As he learned more about broadcasting, Jon discovered that the "jingles" he had been hearing and collecting from across the country were made by a small number of very specialized firms, most of which were headquartered in Dallas. It seemed to him that working for a jingle company would be an excellent way to combine his interest and experience in music, audio production, and radio.

Jon and Mary Lyn Jon moved to Dallas in 1971 to work for PAMS, one of the top jingle production houses of the day. About 3 years later he and his wife decided to create their own company. JAM officially began in November of 1974. The name came from the initials for "Jon And Mary Lyn".

The company began modestly to say the least. A spare bedroom was used as the office for the first year, and studio time was rented as needed. Even so, word of JAM's quality and creativity spread quickly. By early 1976 the company boasted accounts like WABC (at that time the #1 rated station in America), and England's prestigious BBC. In mid 1977 JAM outgrew its small suite of offices, so it bought and renovated the studio it had been renting.

During the 80s, JAM expanded its services by doing commercials, production libraries, music for television, and other audio projects. But the primary emphasis has always been station IDs. By 1987 the demand for JAM productions was so great that a second studio was needed. This time JAM designed and constructed its own building. Everything about the 14,000 square foot structure was created with the company's unique needs in mind.

Today JAM creates IDs and custom music for top clients all around the world. In addition to our dedicated staff, many of whom have been with us since almost the beginning, we also employ the talents of dozens of freelance singers, writers, and musicians. And, unlike most entities in broadcasting these days, we have never been bought, sold, merged or re-named. More than four decades later, JAM is still JAM. And we continue to do what we set out to do in the beginning: create new, interesting and effective ways to market stations and products with music and production of the highest quality.

"It's a lot of work, but it's better than having a real job." - J. Wolfert

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